Shippinng & Delivery

1.Shipping rates
Our products are free of postage by default. The mailing method is determined by the seller. The delivery time generally takes about half a month. It may take more time in remote places. Please wait patiently.
You can also choose the postal logistics you specify. The cost will be determined by the weight. If the weight of the goods is less than or equal to 1 kg, you will need to pay an additional 25 US dollars.
If the postage of gold does not exceed 1 kg, an additional 10 USD/kg is required.
2. Delivery time
Normally, we will arrange the delivery within 1-3 working days after receiving the payment. If there is a busy season, the delivery is expected to be delayed by about 2-3 days, and we will notify you by email.
3. How to understand the logistics status?
After we send the goods, we will send you the way of inquiring express delivery and the number of the express order by mail, so that you can check logistics information and check your goods in time.
4. My order has been delivered, but it is incomplete and/or damaged.
Please send an email to and provide the following details Please use "incomplete/broken order" in your subject line Which items are missing/corrupted/incorrect
Order photo
We will need all the above conditions before we can issue a replacement order, and we will complete it as soon as possible.
5. I want to change the address after placing the order.
If your package has not been sent, you can modify the delivery address. If the package has already been sent, unfortunately, we will not be able to change your shipping address. Please contact the existing residents of the shipping address.
6. I have placed an order-can I add more items?
Your package has not been sent, you can add more goods, but if the delivery time is approaching, it may be delayed, we can only arrange to send it out in time, please understand, thank you.