Puma Slipstream Lo Butter Goods

If the retro trend of sneakers in recent years has attracted the attention of Nike Dunk and Adidas Forum, Puma Slipstream sneakers will be the corresponding attack of puma. Slipstream mid was born in 1987 as a basketball shoe to continue the SKY LX position. Interestingly, it launched the beast and slipstream snake immediately after the sale one year later, using animal patterns and artificial leather to lead the wearing style at that time. Puma joins hands with Australian fashion brand button goods to inject the unconventional charm of Puma classic sports DNA and butter goods into the street wear of this season, reflecting the contemporary contour style and strong visual design language.
Puma x Butt Goods Slipstream Lo sneakers take you to play with the color collision and show your youth and trendiness confidently in the street. The debris decoration on the outside of the sole adds visual highlights. It is matched with the overall shoe design to write a retro feeling.
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