Nike Zoomx Streakfly

The arrival of Zoomx Streakfly sneaker has expanded Nike's running shoe range. It has a stronger touch to the ground, focuses on lightweight, comfortable and lightweight, and has a stronger driving force, which can meet the pursuit of touch to the ground and speed. The upper of this pair of Nike Zoomx Streakfly running shoes is made of streamlined lightweight breathable mesh material, combined with a full-length Zoomx cushioning midsole, a responsive PEBAX panel in the midfoot and a rubber outsole. The design of running shoes is inspired by the wear test conducted by athletes during help development. It is developed with lightweight and stability as the priority. In order to maintain speed at corners, the upper ensures stability with stronger wrapping. The midsole part adopts unique technology, with excellent feedback and rebound. The Nike Zoomx Streakfly is lighter, which means it's less burdensome to run. Although the weight of about 10g looks small, it is still considerable when it is accumulated to the distance of 5 / 10K.