Nike Cortez

Bill Bowman, a local track and field coach, has been trying to develop a super sneaker. He combined herringbone sandals with training shoes to produce the first pair of standard length sole interlayer, which gave birth to Cortez and wrote the history of running again.
In the 40 years since the birth of Nike Cortez sneaker, people wear it every day and every moment to create their own lives and memories, which has become a common classic. Whether you turn out the Nike Cortez trainer or replace it with a new pair, it will open a channel to the past and the future.
Initially, Nike launched five Cortez models, including two leather models, two nylon models and a super Cortez with ultra light leather. Nylon and suede upper can not only ensure the light weight and quick drying of the trainers, but also prevent the foot from sliding, so that each step can fall accurately in the right position.