Nike Blazer

It was not until 1973 that Nike began to enter the basketball shoe market. This year, Nike imitated and improved converse's canvas basketball shoes and launched the Nike Blazer sneakers with the concept of "the new way". This marks Nike's first step into the basketball shoe market.
The huge Nike hook on the shoe makes the Nike Blazer sneaker particularly easy to identify. Nike shoes have appeared with no logo on the body or only a particularly delicate hook, because Nike's name is loud enough. But at that time, Nike was still a young boy in the field of basketball shoes. Designers need to express the product features destructively, so that everyone can easily notice the difference between this pair of shoes and converse. Since it is difficult to make a breakthrough in style, we have to make the logo as big as possible. In a sense, it's a bit like those ladies who are eager to show their identity. They try to make the diamond ring on their fingers big enough and bright enough.
There are various styles of Nike blazer skate shoes. However, the high top style of Nike blazer shoes, which can protect the ankle, is the most popular because of the need for cushioning and avoiding sports injury on the basketball court. However, with its status as a sneakers, the middle top and low top styles of Nike blazer are also popular with shoe fans.