MLB Big Ball Chunky

In 2019, MLB takes the traditional major league baseball of the United States for more than 150 years as the creative blueprint, and the Korean wave hot Chucky shoes as the keynote. It specially adopts 6cm thickened sole and injects multiple details of MLB's unique American baseball culture to create a fashionable appearance and show a unique and strong fashion style.
MLB reinterprets the term "big ball" in major league baseball, and deliberately retains the logo of many well-known baseball teams such as NY Yankee, LA Dodgers and Boston Red Sox, which is the symbol of MLB, and is displayed on the upper design in the form of "mega logo".
MLB Big Ball Chunky Dodgers sneaker white blue have a durable soft upper and thick elastic insole for comfortable traction. Different from the traditional LA Dodgers sneaker, it looks heavy, but it's actually very comfortable and lightweight. The 6cm high insole also has the effect of long legs.
In order to highlight the uniqueness of major league baseball in the United States, MLB specially integrates multiple elements symbolizing baseball culture, such as home plate, baseball field, batter and other patterns into the unique logo of the brand, which is hidden in the whole shoe. In addition, with 6cm thickened sole configuration and detailed and simple fashion design, MLB big ball chunky series shows distinctive Street charm!

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